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Calvin D. Banyan
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Before you select a hypnosis professional Orange County, you should be certain that you have the right person with the right background to work with you on issues you want to work on. That is why I am happy to answer your questions.

Hello, my name is Calvin D. Banyan, CH and I want to help you succeed. With the right approach, hypnosis can help you rapidly change your life. Let me show you how.

I know you want to make a very important change in your life. It is only natural to want to do better and be more successful. And, it is only natural to want to make those changes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Imagine, after a few sessions experiencing complete success. Imagine how that kind of success can change your life. Really, it is easy. I do it all the time. When you call me you will learn how you can turn your visits to my office into the kind of success you have been looking for.

You can call my hypnosis office in Orange County today at (714) 258-8380.

Fast, Effective, Professional Hypnosis Services in Orange County, California

  • Modern hypnosis techniques and procedures
  • Nationally Certified Hypnosis Professional
  • Advanced Hypnosis Certification in 5-PATH®
  • Confidential and professional environment
  • A caring hypnosis professional who welcomes answering questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Yes, I can help you with that!

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Loss
  • Insomnia
  • Medical Applications
  • Get over Fears
  • Improve Confidence, Performance, Motivation, Concentration, & Test Taking
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The Hypnosis Service You Want

  • Professional Office
  • Modern Techniques
  • NGH Certified Hypnotist
  • Clear Explanations!
  • No Reinforcement Tapes Needed!
  • No Headphones!
  • No Group Sessions!
  • Real One-to-One Private Sessions with a Certified Hypnosis Professional!

Make sure your hypnotist is using modern techniques.

In the past it was thought that only a small portion of the population could be hypnotized. This is why you should make sure that the hypnotist you work with has gone beyond out dated "classical" training in hypnosis. Many hypnotists only have minimal or outdated skills. Such hypnotists' results are not the best, and can only work on a limited number of issues. Make sure that your hypnotist has the best skills and can ensure that you have been hypnotized. Unfortunately, many hypnotists, even today, confuse sleep and relaxation with hypnosis.

In the last decade all of that has changed because of 5-PATH® hypnosis certification. When you work with a hypnosis professional who is trained in the newest and most effective hypnotic techniques, almost anyone can be hypnotized and experience rapid results using hypnosis. I am a fully qualified professional hypnotist, certified thought the National Guild of Hypnotists, and have undergone advanced hypnosis certification as in 5-PATH®, the only system of hypnosis and hypnotherapy recognized by the NGH. I am excited to work with you and talk about the possibilities. I care about your success.

Give me a call today, and let's talk about how we can work together using hypnosis to change your life quickly, and permanently. I am dedicated to answering all of your questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy on the phone, or by appointment. Everyone has the right to make an informed decision about the hypnosis services they choose.

Just to get things started let me answer some questions:

  • How can I know if I am hypnotized?
    People usually don't know that they are hypnotized. They usually feel relaxed. But to ensure that you have been properly hypnotized, I will run a servies of modern checks for hypnosis. These procedures ensure that you have reached the right level of hypnosis for the work we will be doing. When you emerge, you will know that you have been hypnotized.
  • How long does it to take to see results when using hypnosis?
    Most people start seeing results from the very first hypnosis session.
  • How many hypnosis sessions will it take to complete the process?
    Everyone one is different. I don't use a one-size-fits all approach. It depends on what issues you want to work on, and your own "hypnotic personality"! When you call my office, I can give you more information as I learn more about your goals and aspirations.
  • What does it take to get started?
    Just call my office at (714) 258-8380 today! I'll gladly answer any questions that you may still have. I understand that it is natural to have questions that you may want to ask me.

Call today and we can get started on your life's success!

  • My office number is (714) 258-8380. Answered from 8:30 a.m. 6:00 p.m., voice mail 24 hours a day.
    Convenient easy to find location in Orange County, California.
    Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc.
    1431 Warner Ave. Suite E
    Tustin, California
  • My office is located near the 405, 55 and 5 freeways. Near the corner of Redhill Avenue and Warner Avenue.
  • My clients come from all over southern California, and Orange County. Here are some of the areas that I serve. Irvine - Tustin - Costa Mesa - Huntington Beach - Santa Ana - Orange - And, More
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