Website Program For 5-PATHers ONLY
NEW Very Affordable Way to Get Your Phone to Ring

You just HAVE to have a website that makes your PHONE ring. Now that is easy!

Just $300 for website design and set-up and $50 per month.

Beautiful Website Designs Like These & More…

Website Template 3

Website Template 4


Stop struggling! Get a website that makes your phone ring. This is THE BEST WAY to get a new hypnosis / hypnotherapy practice off the ground or to make an existing practice more successful.

The Banyan Hypnosis Center has 15 years of experience creating and maintaining websites that do just that.

Now here is the good news...

The Website Testing is done &

We created several test websites for some 5-PATHers and have been testing the sites over the last 12 to 18 months. Because of this testing, we have some great website templates that work, and now we are opening up the program to all 5-PATHers! Now it is easy to get a professional, proven website that makes your phone ring.

Here is what you get, a "plug and play" website with great support from people you know and trust:

  • You own your domain name.
  • We host your website on fast servers.
  • Your site looks professional and builds site visitor confidence.
  • We provide most of the content(just give us your phone and address).
  • Content includes our official descriptions of 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®.
  • You get a proven site design that makes your phone ring.
  • Free automatic set up of an affiliate page(another income source).
  • Great pricing - Just $300 to get your professional site built and up on the Internet, and $50 per month for hosting and maintenance.

Now here is the BEST part... All sites include an affiliate store. Not only will this be VERY affordable, some sites may actually pay for themselves even before you see any clients(because we will set up a "Training" page that offers the Banyan Hypnosis Center training materials to site visitors - more on the affiliate program later). But, basically, when people buy from your store on your website, you get paid, and we do everything else.

We know how to build hypnosis websites. If you went to just any Web designer and attempted to get a professional looking site, it could cost you thousands of dollars. BUT, because most designers don't know anything about hypnosis, search engine optimization, copy writing, and basically, how to get your phone to ring, all you wind up with is a pretty website.

Sample Websites:
Click on this link to see live samples,

hypnosis website templates

Why You Want To Start Now

Maybe you have been struggling to get started because you don't have a website up yet, or you have one up and your phone isn't ringing. Or, maybe you aren't even ready to see clients yet because you just graduated - you want to get started with us right now - because it takes a while to get the site fully indexed into Google and the other search engines, such as, Yahoo and Bing. Plus, you may want to make some fine adjustments before we put your phone number on the site and the calls start coming in.

How to Get Started Fast

Purchase a website name from our partner: $3.99 .COM and Free Private Registration from! offer ends March 31st.

It could not be easier to get started. Just call our office and Maureen will fill you in. You can also get started by emailing Maureen. She will then get you set up with Don and our Banyan Internet Services Team.

(714) 258-8380 or toll free (800) 965-3390


Can I change to a different hosting service at a later time?

The website will remain on our server for the duration you are enrolled with us. If you decide to change to a different hosting provider at a later time, you can take with you your domain name and any content and images that you provided us (and is 100% original to you, not our content that you modified). Any content that we provide such as, template design, logos, images, explanations, and descriptions are copyrighted and owned by the Banyan Hypnosis Center and may not be copied or transferred to another server or website.

Can I make changes or updates to my website?

If you would like to make any changes or updates to your website, we can certainly do that for you. As part of the website service you will receive 30 minutes each month to make changes and updates to your website at no additional charge. Any major changes that will exceed the free 30 minutes will be charged at the rate of $35.00 per 30 minutes. Note: We can do a lot of work in 30 minutes when we know exactly what you want. Unclear instructions take much longer and can cost you more money.

If I provide you images, will you resize them and use them in my websites?

We will be happy to resize the images and use them in the website according to your specifications. One important thing, please bear in mind that any images you want to use, you must show proof that you have permission to use the image; we have to do this to prevent us from being sued by the rightful owner of the images used.

Will you provide explanations for the weight loss, stop smoking, insomnia, and phobias sections of my website?

We can provide the explanations for weight loss, stop smoking, insomnia, and fears if needed. If you want to customize the explanations to meet your needs, please let us know and we will help you to make those changes.

If I decide at a later time to change my template, is there an additional charge?

When a website is completed, we will have spent several hours building the website. Changing a template would be like re-building a website again. It will take us approximately the same amount of time to re-build the website with a new template, maybe more. The fee to change templates is the cost of building a new website which is $300.00. We encourage you to take your time in selecting the right template for your website by going to before making a final decision.

Will changes due spelling errors or grammar errors count towards my free 30 minutes per month?

If we are responsible for the spelling and grammar errors, we will be happy to make those changes without deducting time from your free 30 minutes per month.